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It all started in the summer of ’95 being Delaware’s first brewpub, starting out small with brewing 12-gallon batches for the brewpub.

Within the first year, Dogfish quickly realized they wouldn’t be able to keep up with production as they were getting high demands from states such as Pennsylvania and Washington. By 2002, it was time to expand again and that’s why they moved to Milton, Delaware where now you can also have nights stay at the Dogfish Head Inn.

During that summer, Dogfish also built their distillery where you can enjoy their vodka, rum and gin (only at the brewery/distillery).

Dogfish 60 minute is probably one of the be best-selling IPA’s in the country, for awhile that was all you can find around RI. Now, Sam Calagione CEO and owner of Dogfish Head has pleasantly surprised us with great beers just about every month or so from them. Dogfish is now known for their funky craft brews such as Palo Santo Marron aged on Palo Santo Wood to Midas Touch Hybrid with ingredients found in 2,700-year-old drinking vessels from the Tomb of King Midas.

As Dogfish keeps growing, We’re interested to see what else in store for the new year.

Currently, at the Wharf Pub we have:

  • Dogfish Pennsylvania Tuxedo – At 8.5% This spruce-infused pale ale is a collaboration with a family-run outdoor clothing company Woolrich.

Coming soon the Wharf Pub:

  • Dogfish Head Beer to Drink Music To ’17- The official beer of record store day – Beer to Drink Music To is a tropical blonde ale fermented with kiwi juice and Hibiscus Flowers.
  • Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale – Now available in cans! (as well as a variety of dogfish head beers) SeaQuench is made with lime peel, sea salt and black limes with a citrus tart finish.

Pull up a seat and grab a pint. Cheers!

The Wharf Pub is located at 37 Bowen’s Wharf and online at www.thewharfpubnewport.com.

Sarah Fimple (The Wharf Pub)

Sarah Fimple is the Beverage Manager of The Wharf Pub on Bowen's Wharf in Newport, RI. The Wharf Pub was named "Best Craft Beer Bar in Rhode Island" by Craftbeer.com in 2017.