Cafe Parley is a new weekly series sponsored by CRU Cafe where we sit down with a Newport citizen and discuss a divisive issue they feel strongly about. Do you have an opinion on a local, state, national or global issue that you want to share? Send an email to with your thoughts.

For this week’s edition of Cafe Parley, we sat down with Ray Davis, a Coordinator at Portsmouth Prevention Coalition, about the issue of addiction in Newport County. Davis is a longtime Portsmouth resident has been a substance abuse prevention specialist for the past 15 years, focusing on adolescents.

Davis feels strongly that we can be doing more as a community to deal with and talk about addiction as an illness that’s treatable. Listen to our discussion to find out:

  • What’s being done to prevent substance abuse and addiction on Aquidneck Island?
  • What resources are available for those dealing with addiction in Newport County?
  • What are the statistics around substance abuse in local high schools?
  • What can parents do to talk to their kids about substance abuse?
  • What can young people do if a parent/guardian is dealing with substance abuse?
  • How is the heroin/opioid epidemic impacting Aquidneck Island?

Listen to full interview with Ray Davis here.

Editor’s Note: The purpose of Cafe Parley is to spark informed, productive debate within the community. We welcome and encourage the the sharing of unique opinions and perspectives from all of our readers and listeners. We expect participants in the conversation to be respectful to others and use appropriate language. WhatsUpNewp reserves the right to moderate comments deemed inappropriate.