The Newport Art Museum has received a gift of nearly $5 million.

This transformative gift, which has been donated to the Newport Art Museum by an anonymous benefactor, recognizes and supports the value of the Museum’s century-long dedication to serving its community through the arts, education, outreach initiatives, and historic preservation.

Sandra Craig, the Museum’s Board President, remarked, “This exceptionally generous gift, which promotes the financial integrity of the Museum, is a tribute to the dedicated individuals, past and present, who have given their time, talent and treasure to this historic institution. I am certain this gift is in honor of those who have steadfastly stood by this Museum over the years and passionately believed in the power of art to transform lives.”

Executive Director Norah Diedrich said, “This is the year-end gift nonprofit Directors dream of! All of us at the Art Museum, from trustees and staff to volunteers and community partners, have worked diligently in 2016 to meet our goals and balance our budget, which we have achieved. This overwhelming vote of confidence allows us the privilege of setting and reaching even higher goals in the future, reassured that our good work will benefit future generations.”

The Newport Art Museum’s Board of Trustees has designated the entire $4,700,000 as a donation to its permanent endowment with the hope of inspiring philanthropy in others for the Museum and its mission. The Museum’s total endowment now stands at $7 million.

An additional gift of $50,000 from the same generous donor will be placed into a temporarily restricted fund within the Museum’s general operating account and be used to support various strategic initiatives in the near future.

Diedrich added, “The Newport Art Museum looks forward to 2017 and beyond with renewed energy and excitement. An updated strategic plan is underway, as well as innovative programming, partnerships, and constituent engagement initiatives designed to have lasting impact.”

Since being founded in 1912, the Newport Art Museum has been a dynamic cultural gathering place, attracting an eclectic mix of artists, students, academics, preservationists, and visitors from around the world. Inclusiveness, professionalism, high-quality exhibitions, engaging programming, and a dedication to individual growth and learning have always been valued. The Art Museum is one of only 6% of American museums to be fully accredited by the American Association of Museums.

The Newport Art Museum inspires passion for the arts in diverse audiences through exhibitions and collections, arts education, historic preservation, and arts and cultural programming.

Source: Newport Art Museum