Newport is full of inspiring people, amiright? Entrepreneurs, scientists, artist, and fitness gurus; kick butt community members who embody everything about athletic culture. In honor of celebrating our local athletes, and those who are especially involved in our community, we have created our ‘Newport Mavens’. Since Newport is so small, a huge amount of our focus is on community; we try out classes, meet new instructors, support the newest fitness craze (as long as one of our friends is teaching it). We sweat our buns off and love to hate and hate to love our trainers, yoga instructors, or anyone else who tells us that eating a pint of ice cream is a huge ‘no’ and that burpees are a huge ‘yes’.

That being said, I reached out to some of our community mavens and asked them a few questions about their fitness routine and lifestyle. My responses were pretty close to perfect and are all extremely inspiring. We can look to these mavens as our Sweat Guru’s, or something like that. I am still working on a proper title. Can you tell?

Each week I will produce a feature of a local maven for us to “ooo”, “ahh” and marvel over. This weeks maven is …

Patti Doyle

All photographs were taken by Jennifer Manville of Jennifer Manville Photography.

Tell me about yourself! Do you own a studio or exercise space? What formal training’s do you have?
“I own Thames Street Yoga in Newport and Shunya Yoga Studio in Portsmouth and have been blessed to run many yoga teacher training programs that have graduated some incredible teachers, now sprinkled throughout the Aquidneck Island yoga community. When not doing yoga, I run my own public relations agency.

I’m a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. No real fitness background except I was a tomboy in my youth, high school track star, became an avid 5k runner, found Pilates when the knee began to give out from the pounding, and eventually discovered yoga. Walked out of my first yoga class. Hated it! So glad I returned.”

How long have you been practicing and how did you get started?
“I have been practicing yoga for 15 years; teaching for 13.”

Words of advice:
“Stand in your truth and own it. Don’t try to copy the style of another teacher. Authenticity trumps all.”

Favorite quote:
The light in me recognizes and celebrates the light in you.

Favorite music to listen to while exercising:
“An eclectic mix of Indie, Alternative, and Pop, usually played on the loud side.”

What is one part of your routine that never changes?
“Getting up at 5 am to feed the dogs!”

What is your ‘superfood’ or ‘super’ meal of choice, or, if you diet, what is your ‘cheat’ meal?
“Avocado on rye toast.”

What motivates you?
“Family, friends, acts of kindness.”

All photographs were taken by Jennifer Manville of Jennifer Manville Photography.

Jillian Tullgren

Jillian Tullgren is the Lifestyle Editor of What'sUpNewp. She enjoys a quality cup of properly steeped green tea and only writes in a black Moleskin. Follow her on Instagram @gypseachild.