Newport is full of inspiring people, amiright? Entrepreneurs, scientists, artist, and fitness gurus; kick butt community members who embody everything about athletic culture. In honor of celebrating our local athletes, and those who are especially involved in our community, we have created our ‘Newport Mavens’. Since Newport is so small, a huge amount of our focus is on community; we try out classes, meet new instructors, support the newest fitness craze (as long as one of our friends is teaching it). We sweat our buns off and love to hate and hate to love our trainers, yoga instructors, or anyone else who tells us that eating a pint of ice cream is a huge ‘no’ and that burpees are a huge ‘yes’.

That being said, I reached out to some of our community mavens and asked them a few questions about their fitness routine and lifestyle. My responses were pretty close to perfect and are all extremely inspiring. We can look to these mavens as our Sweat Guru’s, or something like that. I am still working on a proper title. Can you tell?

Each week I will produce a feature of a local maven for us to “ooo”, “ahh” and marvel over. This weeks maven is …

Jacki Lane

All photographs taken by Jennifer Manville of Jennifer Manville Photography.

Tell me about yourself! Do you own a studio or exercise space? What formal training’s do you have?

“I own three downtown Newport fitness studios and have a team of over twenty trainers working through them. Pulse Newport is the original studio, Bellevue Barre and Energy Row the other two. I started Pulse in 2009 and each new studio represents a ‘trend’ in fitness that I thought Newport community needed for its effectiveness, and knew they were valid enough to be more than a trend! I have had too many certifications to list from water to land, yoga to boxing – it’s all about variety and cross training for me.”

Do you have a fitness background? If so, what is it?
“My fitness background came from my Mom’s inspiration, she took me to the Newport Athletic Club as a teenager and I was hooked from then. My only competitive sport was mogul skiing in college. Otherwise it’s all been just about the workout, the endorphins, and the effect on my body. I was an early fan of the oldies like Jane Fonda, Joanie Greggains, people like that!”

How long have you been exercising and how did you get started?
“I’ve been involved fitness since I was 17 years old (30 years!) in every state I’ve lived in. My first job was teaching aerobics to get the Free Ski Pass at Sugarbush Sports Center in college.”

Words of advice:
“Make progress every day and start immediately. There’s never a ‘later.’ Something always comes up!”

Favorite quote:
“I love to look up Jack Lallane quotes (because of how weird it is to me that our names are so similar and we’re both fitness leaders). Here is one, “Probably millions of Americans got up this morning with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a donut. No wonder they are sick and fouled up.’”

Favorite music to listen to while exercising:
“Pumping and loud and any kind! Just not normally country, for workouts, country is for chilling!”

What is one part of your routine that never changes?

“Drinking tons of water and working out 5 days a week always.”

What is your ‘superfood’ or ‘super’ meal of choice, or, if you diet, what is your ‘cheat’ meal?
“Super meal: tuna, avocado & tomato salad, pretty much my go to lunch every day.  CHEAT = FRIED ANYTHING!”

What motivates you?
“As for my selfish motivation, I’m simply motivated by how my skin feels on my body, if it’s shaky and loose, I feel shaky and loose in my brain… so I have to tighten the ship up! The motivation I get about others can be from the tiniest pinch or inch result loss or from their lifestyle stories. For example, one older woman I trained years ago was so happy to move her laundry in one pile from dryer to couch rather than piece by piece because she was strong enough – it made me cry! Another wore a dress they hadn’t in years that she loved. Simple pleasures like this make my job worth doing every day.”

All photographs taken by Jennifer Manville of Jennifer Manville Photography.

Jillian Tullgren

Jillian Tullgren is the Lifestyle Editor of What'sUpNewp. She enjoys a quality cup of properly steeped green tea and only writes in a black Moleskin. Follow her on Instagram @gypseachild.