In response to the recent call for the House Oversight Committee to immediately reconvene for the purpose of taking the legal steps necessary to “subpoena and release to the public” all the records surrounding the 38 Studios deal, Mike Smith, independent candidate for House District 75, has called for action from his opponent, Representative Lauren Carson.

Mike Smith shared the following statement with What’sUpNewp on Monday evening;

My opponent, freshman Rep. Lauren Carson, is a sitting member of the House Oversight committee. She is also a clear favorite of Speaker Mattiello. Because of that I am calling upon her to take a publicly visible leadership role in demanding chairwoman of the committee, Rep. Pat Serpa, reconvene the committee for the purpose of using it’s authority to subpoena and then release the records that will reveal the truth about who was behind this disgraceful scandal.

The people of District 75 deserve a Representative who is determined to pull back the veil on 38 Studios. They also deserve a Representative who has the courage to buck the system of silence and corruption that controls the State House.

My opponent has given a lot of lip service to her commitment to increase transparency in government. Yet when reformers of all political persuasions demand action she sits passively on the sidelines, like the rest of `Mattiello’s Minions’, waiting for her instructions on what she can do, what she can say, if anything and when.

She has already publicly stated that she read hundreds of pages of emails’ and worked hard “to determine… the people to bring to justice’. She has also stated that it was clear `there was a fair amount of bad and unethical behavior’ and that there `was a shrewd, ambitious and engaged group of people that came together… to make a quick buck.’ Yet she still voted against bringing in a special prosecutor and voted for forcing Rhode Islanders to continue to pay off the bonds.  

With that being said, while I am not optimistic she will suddenly begin representing the best interests of her constituents on this issue, I am calling upon her to act decisively and boldly to use her elected position to join those of us who are calling for the truth to be released instead of insuring it stays repressed.

The people need proof as to whether she will begin representing the wishes of people of District 75 or the demands of Speaker Mattiello.

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