Photo courtesy of Patrick Murphy of The Kings Lens.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Murphy of The Kings Lens.

Camden Murphy is a 22 year old Rhode Island native. When his left side brain isn’t busy working behind the bar at Midtown his right side brain is creating imagery through sounds. He is a writer, a rapper, and a lover of all things positive. A natural creator he finds inspiration from the majesty of the Ocean State. Camden’s lyrics are reminiscent of oceanic scenes, laying his words over beats that are smooth and melodic. More mellow than loud and more poetic than boisterous, Camden’s music is a mirror image of his low key energy.

I asked Camden how he would describe his sound, what his future plans were, and the message he was trying to communicate through his musical endeavors. I’d like to think that his answer was epic, to say the least.

“My music is all natural. I don’t write anything down. It all just comes out when I listen to the beats and I remember it all. My music is a vibe-y hip-hop, it is strictly me being true to myself. I am trying to create music that all people can relate to and I feel that my music is bigger than what people would call ‘rap’, it is art. It is full of imagery and very abstract. I try to send a positive message in my music.”

Camden’s music definitely spans across multiple genres, making it unique yet relatable. His lyrics are all positive and send a message of, what he calls, ‘good vibes only’.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Murphy of The Kings Lens.

“I want to help people realize their potential and help them chase what it is they’re passionate about. I started making music when I was young, starting when I was about nine years old. It has only been in the last two years or so that my music career has been becoming successful. It is as if everything has been coming full circle in this last year. I have been gaining plays on my songs which has created an organic fan base.”

Camden receives a huge amount of love and support from his friends, which are a huge motivation for him to create.

“My future plans are to continue to dropping jams until I create a fan base large enough to hop on a tour. In the last year, I’ve done shows in San Diego, Philly, and all over Rhode Island. I will be headlining my first show at The Newport Blues Cafe on September 1st and will be a great way to close out the summer. After that, I will be opening up for Badfish that Sunday, September 4th at Ocean Mist in Narragansett. This show is a testament to myself to see how far I have come in the last year.”

Camden tells me, “I promise I will be worldwide, selling out shows everywhere”. I am not doubtful of his premonition, let’s follow his journey and ride the good waves with him, shall we?

Jillian Tullgren

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