Newport, R.I. — The internationally acclaimed Light of the World Ballet arrives in Newport April 30 for their first ever Rhode Island performance. This full-time professionally trained troupe is comprised of young women who are both technically trained as ballerinas and also educated as Christian ministers.  


Founded in 2005 by Director Ashley Rollinson, the organization is based in Rochester, New York  and has performed globally, including China, India, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Peru, Burma and Israel. A Christian based group the performers present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the universally accepted arts of ballet and dance.

In 2005 when participating in international mission trips, Ms. Rollinson would carry her ballet slippers in case she had the opportunity to dance.  Invariably, the local people that were part of the mission effort would request a performance from Ms. Rollinson.  During her travels she found ballet to be a medium that was not hindered by language or custom.


“I saw how it (ballet) crossed over that barrier, that communication barrier and we were able to convey the love of Jesus….the artistic expression,” Ms. Rollinson told NCC News.

As part of the Kingdom Breakthrough New England event organized locally by EFC Newport  and Crosspoint Churches, the first ballet performance is 6 p.m. Saturday April 30, Rogers High School Auditorium, 15 Wickham Road.  A second performance will be held on Sunday May 1, at the  11 a.m. joint worship service at Jane Pickens Theatre, 49 Touro Street.  Admission is free and  open to all.