VanGogh Pizza

VanGogh Pizza, located at 12 Broadway, took to their Facebook Page on Thursday, January 28th to announce that they will soon permanently close.

UPDATE: VanGogh Pizza will close on Sunday, February 7th.

“With a heavy heart and tear filled eyes we would like to let everyone officially know that February 18th 2016 will be our last day of business. Being a new business on Broadway during the construction season was something we did not anticipate and with low tourist counts over the winter our sales aren’t what they once were this summer. The support from the locals have been amazing and heart warming. We will truly miss serving the South Broadway community and the relationships we have developed. We will miss the workers of Broadway lunch rushes, the amazing families that filled our lobby at dinner time, and of course our 1:00am late night drunchie rush where the building is so packed that you can barley get by to hand out slices. This has been a great experience. Thank you so much. We hope you miss us as much we already miss all of you.
Fort Adams, we are forever grateful for you all! Our delivery driver who you all probably know, always looked forward to the nice drive out to see your friendly faces.

Thank you all and have a great year!
Your VanGogh Family”

The property is owned by the Blumel Family, who own and operate Tavern on Broadway. Before opening as VanGogh Pizza on March 14th, 2015 the property was operated by the Blumel’s as Broadway Pizza and Sunnyside Deli.