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New Sexual Abuse Allegations at St. George’s Include Newport Festivals Foundation’s Stage Crew Manager

St. George’s first found themselves on the front cover of the  Boston Globe back on December 15th in a story written by Bella English that included former students from the 1970’s that alleged they were sexually abused.

Latest: Boston Globe‘s Coverage of St. George’s School Sex Abuse Crisis

In their ongoing coverage and investigation into the alleged sexual abuse allegations at St. George’s, English reported in the January 23rd edition of the Boston Globe that there was abuse alleged in 2004 at St. George’s.

According to the latest story by English, three boys went to school administrators in 2004 reporting/alleging that their dorm master, Charles Thompson,  had touched them inappropriately.

The incidents were not reported to authorities and Thompson stayed on as staff in as dorm master until he left St. George’s in 2011 to work at the Taft School.

Thompson who is the Director of Information Technology at Taft is currently listed on the Faculty/School Directory  as “on administrative leave”.

According to a 2014 story shared by Newport Folk Festival, Thompson has been involved with the Newport Festivals Foundation, the parent company that produces the Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival, since 2001.

According to a source that asked for anonymity, Thompson served as Stage Crew Manager for both Newport Festivals at Fort Adams State Park in 2015 and had planned on returning in 2016.

What’sUpNewp reached out to the Newport Festivals Foundation for comment on January 23rd regarding the story and allegations and on January 25th received the following response;

“While Charles Thompson has been a seasonal employee of ours, he is currently not employed by Newport Festivals Foundation.”

When we sent  follow-up request for comment on whether Thompson will return to his long-time role in 2016, Newport Festivals Foundation responded with “we have no further comment”.

This story will be updated as more information is received. 

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