Easton Beach

Easton Beach, 19 months old, tried bacon for the first time on Christmas morning and his reaction was priceless!

With a name like Easton Beach how could we not share this this? We had to.

Video Description: Easton Beach, 19 months old, was dressed in Santa Claus pajamas and sitting in a high chair at his grandparents’ home on Christmas morning when he had his first taste of bacon.

YouTube video

Easton’s Beach and Easton’s Point 

These two locations were named after Nicholas Easton (c.1593–1675), one of the eight founders and original officers. In Newport, Easton became active in civil affairs, serving as assistant to the governor for several years, and in 1650 was elected President of the four towns of the colony.

Following his first presidency, the colony was split in 1651 by William Coddington who wanted the two island towns to be under a separate government, and who went to England to get the authority to do this. In 1654 the four towns were reunited, and Easton was once again elected President, presiding for another year over the united colony.

Source: Bicknell, Thomas Williams (1920). The History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Vol.3. New York: The American Historical Society. pp. 998–1001. Retrieved 2011-04-16.

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