Newport Folk Festival

Tickets to the 2016 Newport Folk Festival went on sale at 10am today and within just a few hours 3-Day Tickets, 2-Day Tickets, and Saturday Single Day Tickets sold out.

Friday Single Day and Sunday Single Day Tickets still available here;


There’s been a lot of comments on Newport Folk Festival’s social media or somehow geared towards them regarding scalping today. Like every true folk fan, we too loathe scalpers.

The What’sUpNewp Crew honestly doesn’t understand the vehemence from “the folk” aimed at Newport Folk Festival about scalping, and it’s not just today it’s every year tickets go on sale.

Newport Folk aren’t the ones re-selling them ,and if people stopped and thought about it, they would realize that when a ticket on a scalping site goes to waste it’s one less person able to be out their at Fort Adams in July. That’s one less person buying beer, merchandise, food  and etc. It hurts everyone.

In short, Newport Folk and everyone involved do too lose money when scalpers buy the ticket. So obviously we see no reason Newport Folk Festival would want a single ticket scalped for their event.

Newport Folk Festival has expressed countless times today and in years past that  they use every available anti-scalping tool that they can, and they don’t allow group sales. They really do want the “true folk” to be the ones who get their hands on the tickets.

Folks need to realize Newport Folk Festival (and almost every other ticketed event around) has no legal recourse and can’t stop people from selling tickets at a higher price. But you, us and everyone teaming up together can make a difference in scalping and protecting the integrity of the event!

How do you support Newport Folk Festival and fight the scalpers?

We advise that you do not buy tickets from anyone above face value – eventually forcing them to lower their prices will show the people that are doing the scalping that this event is not worth their time.

Share your thoughts about scalping with the sites that are hosting the tickets at a higher price and share with everyone you know that buying tickets at a higher price is not cool.

Newport Folk Festival has also mentioned today that they will be announcing a peer to peer ticket transfer option (at face value) through their ticketing platform. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming weeks.

Do Not Pay More Than These Prices For Tickets

Support Newport Folk Festival and not the scalpers, it will be all folkin’ alright in the end!

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