RI Sports & Social Club has announced that they will be starting a Dodgeball League here in Newport in the new year!

Games will be held at the Newport Boys and Girls Club (and/or other local gymnasiums) between 6:30 and 9:15PM on Monday evenings starting January 18th.

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Do you remember playing dodgeball in middle school? The game today is just as much fun, complete with dodging, dipping, diving and ducking. Afraid of getting hit with the dodgeballs? Don’t be – they are made of soft foam – so it doesn’t hurt when you get hit.

There are 10 players on the court at once, with at least 3 of each gender. Teams should have at least 14 players to comprise a full roster, and to allow for substitutions and absences.

This league will run until March 21st, or March 28th if an extra dates is needed for weather cancellations/makeup games.

For More Information, Visit Newport Dodgeball.

About the Rhode Island Sports & Social Club
The RI Sports & Social Club provides men and women 21 and over with a way to play fun sports and interact socially.

Win or lose, the Rhode Island Sports & Social Club celebrates the camaraderie that all sports participants have experienced. The friendships and good times last long after the game ends. The Rhode Island Sports & Social Club could best be described as the only way to make a hundred friends in a single evening.

After all games, participants are invited back to the sponsor bar to relax. The staff there will have plenty of cold beer on tap to quench our thirst, as well as a huge selection of appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees that will be sure to hit the spot.