On Thursday October 19th, Salve Regina University will be hosting an Off-Campus Living Fair. Students who are interested in living off campus, as well as those who are undecided and want to review their options, are encouraged to attend.

Our friends Libby Kirwin Real Estate will be setting up shop,  giving away free warning sign door hangers to any student who visits their table. The collection of door hangers include sayings like “Netflix and Chill”, “Me Time”, and “Shhh…We Were Up All Night”. There is 8 different options, so students, swing by Ochre Court between 4 pm – 7 pm. 

Students will also will be able to win Libby Kirwin’s new signature natural mists. ‘Belle Meade’ is a memory of the Belmead property, made to spark holiday memories. With hints of pine + citrus, the white christmas aroma is perfect for this time of the year. “I remember the ceilings at Belmead were so tall, that our christmas tree was always gigantic. As children we would throw ginger bread men up into the top of the tree. When it was time to take it down, the cookies would fall from the sky. We thought it was hysterical” explains Libby Kirwin.

Health Services and the offices of Career Development, Dean of Students, Financial Aid and Safety and Security will be in attendance. The fair will also feature several local realtors and a variety of services such as banking, transportation, laundry services and the post office.

If you already know you want to live off campus (or if your not a student and looking a rental, visit www.libbykirwin.com and see the beautiful properties looking for tenants!