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This story was originally published on November 7th, updated on November 9th & 12th.

As What’sUpNewp first reported, there is a fundraising effort underway to bring the Newport Skating Center back to Downtown Newport this winter.


The Save the Newport Skating Center fundraising campaign is currently at 80% 82% 85% to their goal, with time to still give.

Michele Maker Palmieri, President of Waterfront Events, credits the generous corporate partnerships and community contributions for the progress with the fundraising campaign.

“The fundraising website has had very active visits and while the $60,000 goal we set there may appear lofty please keep in mind that we are garnering funding outside of this fundraising website, that $60,000 is now closer to $25,000 $22,000 $20,000 left to go!”, Palmieri told What’sUpNewp on Friday.

The $60,000 fundraising goal on the website was just a small piece of the entire fundraising effort to bring back the Newport Skating Center.

The entire cost to operate the Newport Skating Center for one full season is approximately $150,000. Off-line corporate partnerships and community contributions have offset the total number needed from the community and has brought the entire fundraising effort to approximately 80% 82%  85% of goal.

While the fundraising and sponsorship effort is moving along and there is still time and a need for a business, individual and the community to get involved;

“The Newport Waterfront Events team is committed to doing whatever we can to bring back the Newport Skating Center but we still need your support in this home stretch of our fundraising since we are getting very close to the time we need to start setting up the rink to be open in December. ” Palmieri said.

There Are At Least 3 Ways You Can Get Involved…

1 – To contribute online, visit: Save the Newport Skating Center!   

2 – Join them on Friday, November 13th from 6-9pm at Cappy’s Hillside Café, as friends and family of the Newport Skating Center will host a fundraising event with a 50/50 raffle for cash and prizes, free food while it lasts, “Snowflake” sponsorships.  No admission charge just a casual community gathering.

  • Donate a raffle item or Save the Skating Center Perk for this event – gift certificates, a product or service!

3 – Local Businesses:

  • Participate in a Dasher Board Share!  Dasher board sponsorships start at $2000 for individual boards but consider sharing board with your fellow businesses as part of our Shop Local/Support Small Business program.  If eight businesses pitch in $250 each, we will feature all eight business logos on a premium dasher board with a Shop Local message.  If 4 businesses pitch in $500 each larger logos will be featured and there is room for additional information.
  • Donate a raffle item or Save the Skating Center Perk for our fundraising efforts- gift certificates, a product or service!

For more information on how to donate or get involved,  call them at  888.900.8640 or e-mail

Palmieri and her Waterfront Events Team expresses their gratitude for the support and donations they’ve already received “Thank you for your support, let’s bring back this Newport treasure- the winter wonderland awaits!”

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