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Repose to the Sept 24th edition of Newport this Week Ghost Editor, “Tone Down the Rhetoric Please”. –

1) Below was our community’s response to the Newport School Committee – anything but Rhetoric.
2) What cannot be included in this editorial is the large volume of information provided to the Newport School Committee suggesting REAL HEALTH CONCERNS FROM CELL TOWERS – Scientific studies/ documentation/ Industry lobbyist information/ the threat to humans, wildlife, environment./ other countries level of allowable exposure.

“Thank You for hosting this workshop, unfortunately for the community there were no answers provided that can assure the safety of health for the students, teachers, staff and immediate neighbors. The large companies gave the expected answers and information that most of us already knew. We were invited to sit and listen to the School Committee’s paid for and skewed work shop. Their “Experts” had trouble answering questions that were not in their prepared packets of information, and the lack of attendance by the Newport City Council was embarrassing. Listed below are a few points and facts.
1. The report of noise levels not exceeding 65 decibels when generator runs False. Newport Police recorded on 2 different occasions from a distance twice as far from the Cell Tower company experts testing location, with calibrated devices and found the decibel level as 79.5-80.5 decibels. This example I’m sure can be said of many of their other findings.

2. The Cell Companies have refused to indicate their level of EF emissions? What are wave length frequencies? From the expanded cables and emitters from tower in this residential neighborhood.

3. The sooner the school committee votes to terminate leases, the easier it will be for them to concentrate on their true job, and force the city who has been absent to find a more neighborly, legal and appropriate site for a new tower.

4. Voting to end leases now gives ample time to accomplish this task, also after November elections there may be a new school committee who has to be educated about this issue.
Please do the right thing for your students, teachers, staff, and neighbors. Vote now to end these leases. Schools and residential neighborhoods are not in the commercial business, and as stated at the meeting there were many” unintended consequences.” Thank you in advance. “

If the NTW “ghost editor” would like any further facts, please feel free to contact us. It is a lazy mind to sit and listen to the one sided view of paid consultants, a parade of lawyers on retainer for a mega industry spending multi-millions in lobbyist and draw the conclusion of
“Who here is Full of Rhetoric?“

Thxs Stephen Turcotte

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