Newport Art Museum
Newport Art Museum will once again participate in Newport Gallery Night (Photo via Newport Art Museum)
Photo of Babette Allina

On Wednesday, October 14th, from 7-9pm, the Art League of RI will present STEM to STEAM at the Newport Art Museum.

Presented by Babette Allina, Executive Director of Government & External Affairs, at the RI School of Design (RISD), the event will focus on keeping art and design in the forefront of education and research, and how policy is formed to advance new educational goals such as STEAM, including the histor of how STEAM was champioined by RISD and the founding of the Congressional STEAM Caucus.

The STEAM movement argues that a broad-based education that promotes creativity recognizes student learning diversity, increases student engagement and can potentially enhance STEM learning by embracing cross-cutting translational skills common to STEM and arts and design disciplines.

Since coming to RISD in 2008, Babette Allina has combined her experience as an artist with her background in public policy to advance the national agendafor STEAM -adding art to the national emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education by raising awareness of the power of art and design to transform education, research and workforce development.

Art League Rhode Island numbers among its members some of Rhode Island’s most prominent artists working in a wide range of media from painting to furniture making. Through exhibitions and educational programs, ALRI promotes artistic excellence and builds pubic awareness and appreciation for the visual arts. 

For more information, contact ALRI at, or call 401-861-0500.

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