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Instagram shared a photo with their 98 million followers on Saturday, September 12th of a photo from Aquidneck Island.

In the description for the photo on Instagram, the photo mentions ‘Santana‘, a schooner that was once owned by Humphrey Bogart, being restored in Newport.

The photo, which is described in original photo description as a “Transom repair on this Herreshoff Fish class”, was posted from @WouldBoat (Anthony Daniels).

While the Instagram account claims that ‘Santana’ is being restored in Newport, many photos on Anthony’s account show the yacht being restored in Portsmouth.

While the original post on Instagram by @WouldBoat received more than 200 likes, the share from Instagram has garnered more than 560,000 likes.

Original Post from @WouldBoat

Share from @Instagram

Ryan M. Belmore

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