salve regina university

According to a Princeton Review survey that asked 136,000 students at 380 top colleges to rate their schools on dozens of topics and report on their campus experiences, Salve Regina University has been selected as one of 225 colleges it considers “Best in the Northeast.”

The school at which students gave their professors the highest marks was Swarthmore College (PA).

“Salve Regina offers an excellent Catholic education with a focus on global issues combined with an unbelievably beautiful setting and small campus,” Princeton Review states. “Located alongside Newport’s mansion-lined Cliff Walk, the Salve Regina campus is an unbelievably beautiful setting. The location – 10 minutes from the beach with an ocean view from student residences (students get to live in mansions) – is optimal. The city is easy to get to via the trolley, which runs from downtown Newport to several stops on campus every 20 minutes.”

“Our 62 ranking lists provide students with a way to see the types of colleges that could help them achieve their future goals and dreams,” said Robert Franek, Princeton Review’s Senior VP-Publisher. “Every college in our book has outstanding academics. While our purpose is not to crown one college academically ‘best’ overall or to rank the schools 1 to 380 on any single topic, our lists provide direct student feedback on the schools’ campus culture, program offerings and cost. Our goal is to help applicants choose and get into their dream college—the college best for them.”

The rankings are based on surveys of 136,000 students (average 358 per campus) at the 380 colleges in the book in 2014–15 and/or the previous two school years. The survey ( ) asks students 80 questions about their school’s academics, administration, student body, and themselves. The ranking methodology  ( ) uses a five-point Likert scale to convert qualitative student assessments into quantitative data for school-to-school comparisons.

Sources: Photo via Salve Regina University | Some info obtained via Princeton Review