During the summer months it’s a harsh reality for Newport – that local beaches, especially Easton’s and Sachuest are flooded with tourists and notably the red tide. Any other beachside option for a good swim are either private or parking is impossible.

If you don’t need to kick your feet up on a sandy shoreline, photographer Visual Manor spent an evening discovering some beautiful places to swim. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal the locations — so it’s up to you to get adventurous and start seeking the ultimate seaside soak before the summer is over.

Don’t be intimated by a rocky shoreline. The seaweed is soft and keeps the water cleaner than you think.  (Bathing suit by Daisy + Elizabeth)

When you are hitting the Cliff Walk, don’t be scared to venture off trail. There are some warm clean pools filled with sea life and cool coves. (Body chain by Ten Pounds of Feathers)

As the sun is setting, hit the west side of the island for golden moments and crystal clear waves. (Vintage wetsuit)