This morning’s release of the annual Kids Count Report, a detailed snapshot of conditions for Rhode Island school-age children, demonstrates that many families in Rhode Island are struggling economically, and their children are suffering for it in school achievement.

For Newport, the numbers are more than challenging, according to the 200-page report, the 29th issued by Kids Count. 

The profile for Newport shows high housing costs, low median income, and educational achievement that lags much of the state’s public schools. The Kids Count findings are consistent with the recent Rhode Island Department of Education report cards for each school district.

This year’s Kids Count is a very detailed report on various aspects of our state’s school-age population. Over the next several days, WhatsUpNewp will focus on specific areas of the report.

Among the items that stood out in the report, was its findings that there are 1,461 children in public schools across Rhode Island that are considered homeless. Kids Count basically identified homeless as those lacking a permanent home – living on the street, in shelters, or couch surfing.

It also found that the high school graduation rare for those identified as homeless was 64 percent, 20 percent lower than non-homeless students.

Here are some results for Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth:

  • Median Family Income: Newport, $74,731; Middletown, $94,681; Portsmouth, $164,516.
  • Homeownership cost: Typical monthly housing payment – Newport, $4,310; Middletown, $3,424; Portsmouth, $3,309.
  • Average rent, two-bedroom apartment: Newport, $1,705; Middletown, $1,977; Portsmouth, $1,723.
  • College enrollment, percentage of 2022 high school graduates who enrolled in college within six months of graduating high school: Newport, 50 percent; Middletown, 64 percent; Portsmouth, 75 percent.

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