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There’s a new scholarship opportunity for students seeking financial aid, and it has established prioritization for Newport County applicants.

The William & James Farrar Scholarship Fund has been established in honor of Mary A. Sullivan-Farrar, a multi-generation Newporter and a strong supporter of construction engineering education.

Ms. Sullivan-Farrar’s family has a long history in the construction, engineering, and development field, with her grandparents arriving in Newport from Ireland in the early 1800s. Her father, Timothy Sullivan, was a well-known Newport-based contractor and developer and served as the Newport Commissioner of Public Works in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The scholarship fund has a value of $50,000 and is prioritized for Newport County students seeking financial aid to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology. William and James Farrar, both Wentworth Institute of Technology graduates with firsthand experience in the value of financial aid, established the scholarship.

James Farrar has continued his family’s legacy with his 30+ years of success at J. Farrar Associates Inc., while his father served in the 1340th Combat Engineers in World War II, and was a highly decorated veteran memorialized in the US Army Combat Engineer Museum.

The scholarship aims to support students pursuing education in construction, engineering, and architecture, and the Farrar family is hopeful that deserving Newport County students will benefit from the scholarship funds.

Interested applicants can contact Kristin Tichenor at Wentworth Institute of Technology, and James Farrar is available for any further assistance needed. The Farrar family is delighted to give back to their community and hopes that this scholarship opportunity will assist students in achieving their academic and professional goals.

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James Farrar provided the following letter regarding the Scholarship Opportunity;

“I am pleased to announce the establishment of a financial Aid scholarship with a prioritized disbursement to local Newport-Newport County students seeking Financial Aid to Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston, Mass.

The William & James Farrar scholarship fund established in honor of their mother Mary A. Sullivan -Farrar. Mary Sullivan Farrar was a multi generation Newporter and a staunch supporter of construction engineering educations. Ms. Sullivan Farrar’s grandparents arrived in Newport from Ireland in the early 1800’s establishing work in the construction, engineering & development field. Ms. Sullivan Farrar father Timothy Sullivan was a well-known Newport based contractor /developer and the Newport Commissioner of Public works in the late 1940 early fifties.

The family descendants continue to construct and manage projects throughout greater RI, Newport & beyond, currently the fifth generation is adding their stamp to this history.

 James Farrar continued the family legacy with his thirty plus years of success at J. Farrar Associates Inc. James and his family reside in the Newport home is grandfather built over 90 years ago. This home is located within the Plat subdivision his grandparents Timothy F. Sullivan & Mary A McGuire developed in the early1900’s, called Pond View Development. James’s father had a different but most honorable engineering experience, serving in the 1340th Combat Engineers in WW 2. A highly decorated veteran memorialized in the US Army Combat Engineer Museum. 

With this depth of family construction engineering experience, I am incredibly pleased to announce the establishment of the William & James Farrar scholarship. William & James are both graduates of Wentworth Institute of Technology with firsthand experience in the need & value of financial aid.

This scholarship has a value of $50,000, with established prioritization to Newport – Newport County applicants. I am hopeful these scholarship funds awarded to a deserving Newport County student.

For those who may be interested please contact Kristin Tichenor Wentworth Institute of Technology. If I can be of assistance, please feel free to reach out to me at

I am pleased and thankful for the opportunity to give back to my community. Students seeking financial support, pursuing education in the construction, engineering and architecture should be informed of this opportunity.

With Respect,

James Farrar”

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