Grape Stomping at Newport Vineyards. These images where taken on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 by Annabelle Henderson of “Sunway Photography” for the Newport Vineyards.

Newport Vineyards today announced that they are hosting two ways to support the community of Nikopol, Ukraine.

First, raffle tickets can be purchased on Newport Vineyards’ website for the chance to participate in the popular grape stomping competitions at their upcoming 27th Annual WINEterfest on February 18 & 19. This annual event welcomes guests from the region in conjunction with the longstanding Newport Winter Festival.

Separately, there is a raffle item for four tickets to Newport Vineyards’ most popular summer event – The Fire Dinner. The Fire Dinner is a 5-course culinary performance over an open fire amongst the vines, led by Executive Chef Andy Teixeira. Additional raffle tickets will be drawn for gift cards and prizes from Newport Vineyards and onsite brewery Taproot Brewing Co. The raffle tickets ($10) can be purchased for grape stomping until February 18, 2023. The Fire Dinner raffle will end at the end of the month, February 28, 2023, and winners will be drawn and contacted on March 1, 2023.

All proceeds will be donated directly to provide generators and fuel for a church community in Nikopol, Ukraine. The generators are used to operate the hospital, food pantry, and humanitarian aid collection center that also serves as a bomb shelter. The community of Nikopol, Ukraine, became Newport Vineyards’ mission to support as it is the hometown of a former employee and member of the Newport Community, Liubov Corsi. Since the invasion of Ukraine almost a year ago, Corsi has raised funds to provide daily essentials to Nikopol residents. “Generators are necessary as electricity, heat, and running water may not work for days at a time,” Corsi stated.

“We are working to get the generators and fuel to the people that need them now. The kitchen and warming center in Liubov’s local church are seeing immediate benefits from our efforts,”  stated John Nunes, owner of Newport Vineyards.

Newport Vineyards invites the public in joining them in supporting Nikopol, Ukraine, by entering the raffles for a chance to “stomp for Ukraine” or tickets to Newport Vineyards’ Fire Dinner event and various prizes.

To purchase raffle tickets via Newport Vineyards: