The Cliff Walk Commission, which is charged with overseeing the maintainence, operations, and activities of the City of Newport’s historic Cliff Walk, will host its next meeting on January 31 at 4:30 pm in the Rotary Room of the Newport Public Library. 

The Newport Cliff Walk Commission is comprised of 5 members, each appointed to three-year staggered terms by the City Council with the Mayor serving in an ex-officio capacity.

The current commission members include Donna Lennox, John Hirschboeck, Peter Janaros, David McLaughlin, and Christopher Jones, according to the City of Newport’s website.


Cliff Walk Commission Agenda
4:30pm, January 31, 2023
Rotary Room, Newport Public Library

II. CURRENT BUSINESS (Order of agenda items may change.)
A. No Status Change for the Cliff Walk Slope Repair between Narragansett Ave. and Webster St.
B. Update on the CliffWalkTogether campaign and GiveByCell donation status.

  1. Thank you email for donation – no update at this time
  2. GiveByCell – status of GooglePay (Credit cards, Venmo, ApplePay and Paypal all accepted
    as forms of payment)
  3. Social media
    C. Ongoing Maintenance and Tasks
    • 1. Stone at wall at Rosecliff
    • 2. Additional signage at Narragansett and Ochre Court Ave. (to facilitate pay for parking using
      the Passport App)
    • 3. Emergency markers on the Cliff Walk
    • 4. Repair of wall at Miramar
    • 5. Memorial Blvd. sign repainting
    • 6. Teahouse Tunnel erosion/drainage
    • 7. Volunteer and Other activities

D. Work with Stakeholders to Eliminate All Barbed Wire/Razor Wire on the Cliff Walk – Update on
Tea House Tunnel
E. Funding – Charitable Foundation Grants
F. City Website Updates – Point of Interest Pages (update by Donna)
G. Adopt a Spot at 40 Steps by the Maher Center – (update by Donna)


  1. Lease law compliance on the Cliff Walk.
  2. Results of meeting with Salve Regina University President Kelli J. Armstrong.
  3. Ledge Rd. post storm sign relocation and roadside erosion repair

IV. NEXT MEETING – 4:30pm, February 28, 2023, Rotary Room, Newport Public Library

  1. Rusted railings at Fairholme and Anglesea (needs to be included as part of any future
    engineering study of the Cliff Walk)
  2. Additional restrooms needed (temporary or permanent)
  3. Permanent solution to pooling water on the Walk in Cliff Terrace area (where wooden planking
    currently exists)
  4. Laying gravel at different parts of walk
  5. New grant opportunities
  6. Public art
  7. Breakers overlook area: review of the area with the PSNC to see how the landscape and viewing
    platform could be permanently improved
  8. Overall evaluation of the signage on the Walk, including the Donate Signs
  9. Add donation information to Points of Interest pages
  10. Clean Ocean Access Adopt an Access Point at Marine Ave.
  11. New entrance to southern end of Cliff Walk

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