Meet your new best friend, Meredith– this week’s Adoptable Cat of the Week!

The Potter League for Animals shares on its website that Meredith is a 2-year-old female Domestic Shorthair.

Here’s what else Potter League for Animals has to say about Meredith;

Welcome to season 573 of ‘The Bachelorette in Purr-adise,’ where Meredith, a 2-year-old aspiring drama queen, describes her “dream man” as someone who is confident, but not too confident, is ready to settle down and find love.

Admittedly she is a bit sassy and independent; however, as a companion, Meredith describes herself as loyal, spirited, and supportive and shows love through well-earned snuggles and pets. A native of Rhode Island, Meredith is not your basic girl next door – she is very adventurous in life and in appetite. In a recent interview with What’s Up Newp, Meredith explained that all she truly wants is to settle down with a real cat guy – one that will treat her with respect and know that life may not always be easy, but one that will support her through life’s ups & downs.

When she’s not cuddling and napping, Meredith loves a little playtime and is passionate about exploring all her new world will have to offer. She is hoping that her new world consists of an adult home, preferably with a lucky guy or two and plenty of yummy kitty treats.

Meredith has her rose ready for the selection ceremony as another extraordinary season of “The Bachelorette in Purr-adise” continues.

Ready to throw your bachelor hat into the ring? Visit, give us a call at 401-846-8276, or better yet, come by our Animal Care & Adoption Center located at 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown, RI, to win Meredith’s heart today.

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