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Gerry Goldstein, a columnist for What’sUpNewp, has been writing about a variety of topics throughout 2022.

In December, he wrote about the spelling and significance of Chanukah in the Jewish faith. In November, he touched on the use of Santa Claus in advertising and the challenges faced by elderly politicians. In October, he commented on the political rhetoric leading up to the election. September saw him discussing the royal burial of a member of the British royal family on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island.

August saw him writing about the concept of happiness and the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion rights. In July, he wrote about the upcoming holiday of July 4th and the importance of truth in the wake of the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. June’s column focused on Father’s Day and the relationships between fathers and their children.

May’s column discussed the use of nicknames in military brass and the role of slaps in film and real life. April’s column celebrated the English language and the Ukrainian people’s resistance to Russian aggression. March’s column discussed the arrival of spring and the importance of hope in difficult times. February’s column explored the history and significance of Valentine’s Day.

And in January, Gerry wrote about the new year and the importance of setting goals and making resolutions.

Gerry Goldstein: Courage, as inspired from on high

We’re just days away from an observance that usually slides by with only modest notice, so you know I’m not referring to the ballyhooed Feb. 2 appearance of a weather-predicting groundhog.

Gerry Goldstein: A royal burial on our own Aquidneck Island

No question that Queen Elizabeth’s recent funeral was, well, magisterial. But while that was in London, many Rhode Islanders might be surprised to learn that decades ago, a member of the royal family died in Newport and was buried in nearby Portsmouth with far less fanfare.

Gerry Goldstein: Tracing footsteps of our fathers

Decades ago my daughter, Jennifer, brought home from elementary school a hand-made Father’s Day poster on which she had listed what she considered my attributes as a dad.


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