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I would strongly encourage Middletown to rethink their building program should regionalization pass.

If you look at the research, you will see that k to 8 schools are what many districts in the country are turning to. They are moving away from the Middle School concept in favor of this model. You need only look to the island to see that all the private schools use this model.

Having been superintendent in 2 districts in this state that have this model, I can tell you that it works a lot better for the kids they don’t grow up as fast. This would then allow them to build a high school with an eye towards the future. What I mean by this is to build it with the idea that it could be expanded into a Regional High School. The plan that they have initially come up with does not take into consideration regionalization.

Just my thoughts.

Dr. Robert Power, Newport resident and candidate for Newport School Committee.

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