Stanley Jordan at the Greenwich Odeum (Photo: Ken Abrams)

Guitarist Stanley Jordan and his band brought fire, grace, and top-notch musicianship to the Greenwich Odeum on Friday, November 11. A tribute to Jordan’s idol Jimi Hendrix, the band completely captured the spirit of the legendary rock god. The show brought smiles to long-time Hendrix fans as well as those who enjoy a little improvisation on well-known rock classics.

Jordan is a jazz-trained musician, known for his innovative touch method, think of it like playing piano on a guitar fretboard. He also knows how to rock – fronting a classic power trio with bassist Wes Worth and drummer Kenwood Dennard, the band powered through a set of popular Hendrix tunes along with a few deep cuts.

Highlights included a scorching version of “Foxy Lady,” a supercharged “Purple Haze” (along with purple lighting), and a touching “Angel,” which featured a melodic extended solo from Jordan. The closer “All Along the Watchtower,” a Bob Dylan penned tune made famous by Hendrix, was equally strong.

The Odeum has a pretty phenomenal season ahead, with shows coming up from The English Beat, Judy Collins, and Mavis Staples. Check the complete Odeum calendar here. Lifestyle Editor Ken Abrams shares a few photos of the evening below.


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