Be ready to rock out this weekend in East Greenwich, but please keep your clothes on …

On Sunday, September 11, The Nude Party will bring their modern garage rock sound to the Greenwich Odeum on Main Street. Yes, there’s a story behind the band’s name but that shouldn’t distract from the music. Fans of straight-ahead rock and roll will dig The Nude Party, who bring hard-charged originals and familiar covers to the stage.

I spoke to lead vocalist/guitarist Patton Magee last week and learned more about the band’s origins.

“I left high school and enrolled in college at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with no intention of getting a career or anything like that,” he joked. “I just wanted to start a band. Luckily, I met some dudes in the dorm who didn’t really play music, we all agreed that we would get some instruments and figure it out and that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing ever since.”

Where did their name come from? You guessed it, they used to host nude parties in college… or at least that’s the rumor. “Performing nude was a staple of the early days,” said Magee. It might surprise you that this could happen in the South, but the irreverent co-founder of the band noted “pretty much any mountain community with a college is going to be as hippie as anywhere else. It’s no different from Boulder, CO, just a lot less trust funds.”

As mentioned, The Nude Party plays contemporary garage rock, with numerous influences including classic rock bands like The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones as well as more recent acts like The Strokes.

Rolling Stone magazine described their 2018 self-titled debut as a “bare-bones debut, a flapping-in-the-breeze album that evokes Nuggets garage rock and Out of Our Heads-era Stones…singer Patton Magee and his mates are kinetic, harnessing raw energy as only a gang of barely-twentysomethings can.”

“When you pick up an instrument and start playing, you play in the style of things that you like, things that affected you,” explained Magee. “I definitely listen to the Stones and The Velvet Underground, but I think what we listen to now is probably a little more eclectic, but those are the ones that most people are aware of, easy to grab on to.”

“I remember playing a show in Atlanta and this girl came up and said to me, ‘wow, you guys are like Sublime.’ It occurred to me that people describe things within the terms that they’re familiar with,” he added.

Post-pandemic, the band is busy touring and recording. “We just finished a new record and are going to put it out probably in the Spring,” said Magee. “We just did a tour on the West Coast with Orville Peck, even eight years in, it had to be the most fun I’ve ever had out on tour, just a killer time.”

He’s looking forward to turning up the volume in East Greenwich. “We’re gonna play all the hits, a couple of new songs, and probably a few classic covers, classics that aren’t classics yet, but will be soon.”

Pearl Charles opens at 7PM. Tickets and more information available here.

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