Jamestown resident Alex Finkelman today announced his candidacy for State Representative in District 74, seeking to represent Jamestown and parts of Middletown.

In a press release, Finkelman touted his small business, insurance, and finance background and cited environmental protection, improving education, and bolstering our economy as the issues he will most focus on.  

State Rep. Deb Ruggiero, who has represented District 74 in the state legislature since being elected to the House in 2008, announced earlier this month that she’s running for lieutenant governor.

“I decided to run because I believe I have the experience and background to help move our district and our state forward,” stated Finkelman in the press release. “These are challenging times for everyone. No one has been spared from inflation, we’re still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and our politics have become too polarized. I will use my business background to bring a pragmatic approach to state government, working together with state and local leaders and focusing on issues that have a real, tangible impact on residents of this district.”

Finkelman continued, “First, I want to put a laser focus on protecting our environment. Jamestown and Middletown are coastal communities, and we need to ensure we are protected from the worst effects of climate change, especially rising sea levels. I will support legislation that helps reduce carbon emissions until we are no longer reliant on this type of energy. As a state and as a country, we need to do everything we can to become energy independent. We also need to ensure all students get a high quality public education and learn in schools that are structurally sound, warm, and safe. We need to bolster our economy by helping lift up the lower and middle class, with a focus on helping small and medium sized businesses. For too long, we’ve put big corporations first while neglecting Main St. I will work to change that. And last, I’ll support common sense legislation and budgets that properly fund and support senior citizens and our most vulnerable citizens, public safety, child care and other important initiatives to help working families.” 

Finkelman concluded, “I am excited to get out into the district, talk to residents, and hear your thoughts about how to make our quality of life better. As your Representative, I will ensure the priorities and values of the people in this district are reflected in the actions I take at the State House.”

According to the press release, Alex, 36, is the President of The Egis Group, which specializes in insurance, consulting, and employee benefits. Alex graduated from the University of Hartford with a dual major in Insurance and Finance. He is a life-long Rhode Islander and lives in Jamestown with his wife Denise and two kids, Oliver, 6, and Andre, 4.