(Review by Gavi Elkind) Transcendent singer, songwriter, and musician Anaïs Mitchell took the stage at Berklee Performance Center on Friday, February 18th alongside her multi-instrumentalist Bonny Light Horsemen bandmates, Eric Johnson and Josh Kaufman along with drummer JT Bates and bassist/saxophonist Michael Lewis.

The first set of the show was entirely Bonny Light Horsemen tunes, mostly cuts from their 2020 self-titled debut album. They played beautiful renditions of some of their most popular songs, including “Deep in Love,” “The Roving,” “Jane Jane,” and “Magpie’s Nest.” Johnson and Mitchell’s gorgeous, tight harmonies anchored the music, while Kaufman’s ethereal guitar soared. 

In the second set, Mitchell played songs from across her catalog, including a few from her new album, Bright Star. She took to the piano for the introspective “Brooklyn Bridge, ” reflected on memories of her childhood in Vermont in “Revenant,” and paid homage to a dear, departed friend in “On Your Way (Felix Song).” She also played two songs from her Tony award-winning musical, Hadestown: “Flowers” and “Wedding Song” (on which Johnson sang the part of Orpheus with precision and dramatic flair). 

Concert Photographer Gary Alpert shares some photos of the show below.

Gary Alpert

Gary Alpert is a contributor and photographer for What's Up Newp.

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