New Year’s Eve at the Cabot Theatre with hometown musician Ryan Montbleau was a festive, if toned-down, affair.

Montbleau began the show solo onstage with stripped-down versions of “Ships In the Night” and “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman), and then was joined by his band for “I Was Just Leaving.” From there, the band kicked up the energy with originals “75 and Sunny,” “Songbird,” and a ten-minute version of “Deadset” along with the classic Elton John cover “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” that invited audience participation.

With a few minutes remaining before 2022, the band played “Pacing Like Prince” as merry fans danced under the stage, and then a countdown to midnight with the audience. Montbleau brought opener and fellow Vermonter Kat Wright and her bandmates, Bob Wagner (guitar) and Josh Weinstein (bass), to kick off the new year with “In My Life” (The Beatles). 

WUN Contributor Gary Alpert shares some photos of the evening below.


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