This Saturday, October 16, from 9-noon at Easton’s Beach, Newport in Bloom will be giving away 30,000 FREE daffodil bulbs to all Aquidneck Islanders until supplies last. Bulbs come thirty to a bag, a $20 value. Bulbs will also be given away at the Pell school Growers Market on October 23 and 10/30.

As our days shorten, leaves drop and we settle in for a long winter, let’s face it, 2021 has been tough on so many – here and around the world. 

But daffodils promise to do their small part to bring brighter days ahead. Let’s enjoy these fleeting days of fall by planting nature’s treasures, ones that promise to explode in their perennial profusion of bright yellows next March and April, harbingers of spring, 2022.

With over 1,200,000 daffodil bulbs already planted that are “lying in wait,” Newport in Bloom and Daffodillion have joined forces to add thousands more to that bounty this fall, ensuring our self-heralded title of “Daffiest City in New England.” Thanks to all who have generously “dug deep” to donate and plant bulbs in their yards, schools, businesses and parks throughout the Island.

Won’t you get your shovels and spades ready, pick up and plant your bulbs as we join in beautifying our communities?

Kiki McMahan, Newport in Bloom

John Hirschboeck, Daffodillion

Newport, RI

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