There are some exciting new things happening at What’s Up Newp, and as a reader, supporter, and friend I want you to know about them.

First of all, deep breaths… neither I nor What’s Up Newp are saying goodbye or so long today.

Since 2012, I’ve been the Owner and Publisher of What’s Up Newp. It has been the honor and privilege of my life keeping you in the know of what’s happening, new, and to do in Newport County, Rhode Island, and beyond 24/7/365.

But today, I want you to know that there are going to be some organizational changes going forward.

Back in June, my wife, Jen, had a once-in-a-career opportunity come along and after many long discussions, we as a family decided to follow the opportunity. I’m so incredibly proud of her and excited to support her in this next phase of her career.

That opportunity is taking us this month to Alexandria, Virginia so that Jen can work in Washington DC. After living in Rhode Island for my whole life (39 years), it’s a big change for me. But, it’s not going to be a big change for What’s Up Newp, or for you – our readers, advertisers, and supporters.

I will continue to be involved with What’s Up Newp every day and will travel back and forth at least a couple of times a month. Not just for What’s Up Newp and my love for Newport, but also because I still proudly serve on nonprofit boards on Aquidneck Island and have many friends and family I want to see. 

What’s ahead for What’s Up Newp? 

We will continue to push ahead as we’ve done for the last nine years. I will continue to serve as Owner and Publisher of What’s Up Newp. 

Ken Abrams and Frank Prosnitz will take on bigger roles and will get more involved in the day-to-day responsibilities – Ken will continue as Lifestyle Editor and Frank as News Editor. Both have been a part of the What’s Up Newp crew for more than five years now.

Our team of 10 regular paid contributors (Tyler Bernadyn, Rick Farrell, Jay Flanders, Brian C. Jones, Gerry Goldstein, Sarah McClutchy, Tim Jones, Angela Marandola, Thom Cahir, and Rudi Hempe) – all of whom call Rhode Island home – will continue working with Ken, Frank and myself.

We’re working with our current lineup of contributors to see what their capacity is to contribute more often.

This is a good time to mention this – we are looking to add a few more paid contributors to our team. We’re especially interested in adding diversity and voices from different backgrounds and communities. We will assist in training for passionate candidates. Please email if you are interested.

Furthermore, I’m committed to continuing to invest the vast majority of the revenue generated by What’s Up Newp back to our team of 12 on the ground in Rhode Island. I’ll continue to pick up contract jobs on the side, as I have done over the last 9 years in roles such as my past gigs with AM1540WADK and Volvo Ocean Race Newport and my role now as Senior Editor, North America for Mountain News, so that What’s Up Newp can continue to grow and report on what you care about.

Personally, I’m excited about some relevant stories and interviews I can bring to you from this area.

Please know that whether you’re a supporter, advertiser, or reader, your support still goes directly to supporting our reporters on the ground.

I’m deeply invested and in love with Rhode Island. You’ll still be hearing from me daily via What’s Up Newp’s newsletter, interviews, stories, events, and more.

As always, thanks for reading and for your support.

I’ll see you out there,