Carson James Eaton, beloved son of Julia L. Perry and Brandon T. Eaton, of Portsmouth, RI, passed away unexpectedly on July 17, 2021.

Carson was born in Wakefield, RI on February 26th, 2020, at South County Hospital.

Carson was a healthy, happy baby boy who was deeply loved by his family and all who met him. Carson was a real foodie. He enjoyed all kinds of cuisine and never turned down at least a taste of anything. You would know if he liked it or not by how fast he threw the yucky stuff. If he liked it, he would sound off with a content Mmmmmmm! Then do a jiggle bum dance in his seat to show his approval.

Carson spoke mostly baby talk. We had to learn his language. Although, he also used quite a bit of sign language that his Momma taught him early and it was helpful for him to communicate his needs. He signed for help, and signed when he was hungry, he signed when he wanted more or when he was all done. He even adapted some two-handed signs into one-handed signs so he could still make a request while holding a grilled cheese. Again, we caught on and knew what he was saying.

Carson loved to spend time outside. He begged to go. He loved dirt, rocks, plants and “weeeeds.” He spent much of his time playing under one of the flight paths out of the Newport Air Park in Middletown. Little did the pilots know that Carson would be alerted by the sound of an approaching aircraft. He would point toward the sky until they came into view and then he would wave and blow every single one a kiss, every single time. He was never coaxed to do that.

He loved bubbles and toys. He liked dancing to “Today’s Hits” with Alexa. He loved hiding in his bamboo grove. He loved the water and digging in the sand at Third Beach. However, at the end of his long play day he especially got excited for tubby time!

He smiled at everyone and laughed at everything. He loved his life and his family. Carson had all sorts of funny traits, tons of personality and puzzling mannerisms. Every child does, but when they are yours, it is just more understood and special to you.

He will be sorely missed and lovingly remembered. The pain of our loss will never be lessened by time. We may never know why his life was cut short. We do know we can and will talk about him forever.

Carson’s family deeply appreciate all the well wishes and overwhelming support and generosity from friends and family and strangers alike.

In addition to his parents, Carson is survived by his maternal grandparents Christine Stout and Phil Oliveira of Middletown, RI, Lou and Kristin Haskin Perry of Portsmouth, RI. His great-grandfather Robert J. Stout of Newport, RI. His paternal grandparents, Robin Eaton of Portsmouth, RI and Jeff Eaton of Washington and several aunts, uncles, cousins and great-

uncles and aunts, most all from Aquidneck Island. He was predeceased by his great-grandmother Paula R. Stout of Newport, RI.

Thank you, Newport Hospital Emergency Department, Portsmouth Fire Dept. and Portsmouth Police Department. We know you did your best.

A service with reflections will be held on Friday, July 23 at 3pm in Connors Funeral Home, 55 West Main Road, Portsmouth, RI.

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