On April 11, 2021, I Nicholas S. Logothets Jr, died peacefully after 80 wonderful years. I was fortunate to have been born on December 19, 1940 to the late Jane Patricia Regan Logothets (a stay at home Mom) and the late Nicholas S. Logothets Sr. (a noted Newport educator). When I arrived, my sister Louise (who later married Robert Rick) was already on the scene and my sister Linda (who later married Ernie Carlisle) appeared five years later. I couldn’t have selected better siblings. When I married Celeste Marie Conley she became my best friend for the rest of my life. My extended family included names such as Carlisle, Chaves, Coleman, Conley, Damaskos, Logothets, Pardo de Zela, Polofsky, Regan, Rick, Stout and West.

You may know my grandkids Reidyn & Atticus Pardo de Zela. They live in Portsmouth and are the offspring of my daughter Jennifer and her husband Regan. Granddaughter Kayla (New York) is a fixture in Middletown each summer. Son, Jason is in Chicago, Casper in Nashville and daughter, Tonya is in Denver. Please keep your eye on all of them for me.

Along the way I met thousands and each of you enhanced my life making it fun or at least interesting. We may have met when I was attending school or teaching school in Bristol.
We might have served in the Marines Corps together. Maybe it was at Sachuest Point on a Junior Ranger program or on Rose Island as we explored Narragansett Bay. I might have coached you in the Middletown Pop Warner Football League or you could have been an American Red Cross volunteer as we opened shelters for natural disasters, took care of Katrina evacuees or comforted friends & relatives of the station Night Club fire. I met wonderful neighbors wherever I lived that became close friends and my sisters & brothers at FOPA Lodge 21 gave me years of friendship. Wherever we met, thanks for being part of a great experience. And we will meet again. Remember the hymn? When you arrive on heaven’s scene you will “find the streets are guarded by United States Marines”.
After much deliberation, I have opted not to have calling hours or the usual funeral service. Rather, at a future date to be determined by my family, my ashes will be returned to the earth/sea.