Right on cue, Shaidzon Brewery had a scheduled event for April 2 at their facility, bringing the Saugy food truck to the brewery at Fairgrounds Road in West Kingston, enabling a Food Truck Friday review.

First the review of the product. Outstanding! I ordered, “The Original,” version that comes with mustard, onions, and celery salt, and added a bag of Cape Cod chips and a can of Coca-Cola. The dog is billed as only 170 calories but in combination with the condiments, once placed in the mouth and bitten into, it’s simply Americana on a fresh bun. Afterwards, and by no means is this a put down, the resulting belch was part of the experience. If I had been at a field watching a game with a bunch of buddies, it probably would have elicited comments like, “Awesome,” “Nice one,” and “Where did you get those dogs?”

Now, a little about Saugy. The company has been a Rhode Island institution for 150 years, first located in Providence started in 1869; and they even had a horse-drawn wagon plying the cobblestone streets of the city selling the delicious treats. They’ve adapted their business model over the years, and even closed down during World War II, but have come back and are now located in Cranston and provide a quality product that they ship nationwide. The next time I’m in the market, I’m grabbing these locally made delicacies, everyone should.

If you’d like to get their truck at your event or business, or to cater any affair, you can reach them through their website at: Saugy Food Truck or call (401) 525-8992 or email peter@saugy.net