After a quarantine respite, our “Brewery of the Month” column returns for April. Going forward, I’ll visit a different local establishment each month and report back on my findings. We know, it’s a tough assignment…

On a more serious note, it’s no secret that local breweries have been adversely affected by the pandemic, and need our support. In addition to brewery tastings, many offer drive-up sales; just check the website before you head out.

So for April, I visited what may be my new favorite Rhode Island brewery. Never having visited Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter, I found it be a great experience – although regrettably brief, due to current COVID restrictions.

The brewery is just out of the way enough to be located in “rural” RI (face it people, we don’t really have a “rural” in RI), but still a short ride from the Providence area, about 20-25 minutes.

“Tilted” is the state’s first “farm brewery,” growing its own hops and providing a “farm to pint” experience. They recently opened a new barn in a wide-open space, with seating on the floor and up in the loft, overlooking 30+ brewing tanks. It was cold and windy when I visited, but the outdoor patio area, featuring a New England postcard panorama, shouted out “return visit.” (We’ll be back this summer!)

My party and I sampled a few selections in the 90-minute visit including my current favorite, Grow, a full-bodied American IPA (6.3 ABV), with hints of citrus and coconut. Pale ale fans will also enjoy the Peeptoad APA, described as “super hoppy like the peeptoads on the farm.” A pair of sours are also featured – Sunrise over Sea comes in Raspberry and Cranberry/Tangerine, featuring locally grown products.

Our server was perfect and had a few more suggestions. The Waterlemon Cay (yes, lemon), briefly invoked the feeling of relaxing beachside (still a couple of months away), while not feeling too heavy at 8.5% ABV. I also sampled the “Poor Sap,” a sweetened brown ale infused with local maple syrup, tapped down the road at the Slocum Sugarhouse. Not my personal favorite, but certainly a seasonal treat.

The staff takes your health and safety seriously… the tables were spread out at least 10-12 feet apart on a recent Sunday afternoon visit. They are currently serving parties in 90-minute shifts, just enough time to re-acquaint with friends and sample a drink or two. Don’t forget to take a few 4-packs for the road on your way out!

For more on Tilted Barn, including information on hours and sales, visit their web site here.

Brewery Rating: 5 out of 5!