Today,General Treasurer SethMagaziner wasjoined by 1199/NESEIU Union Executive Vice President Patrick Quinn, Rhode Island Director of Corrections Patricia A. Coyne-Fague, theFavino-Freeman family and community members to announce the launch of the Frontline Heroes Fund, TreasurerMagaziner’snew program to provide the children of frontline workers who have passed from COVID-19 with a $2,500 scholarship in aCollegeBoundSaver account.

“As we mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of theCovidpandemic in Rhode Island we should pause to recognize the brave frontline workers who have sacrificed their own safety to keep our state running,” said Treasurer SethMagaziner in a statement. “While we cannot bring back those who we have lost, we can at least come together as a community to support the children whothese brave frontline workers left behind and ensure that they have a bright future.”

To date, COVID-19has taken the lives of more than2,500Rhode Islanders. TreasurerMagazineris launching thisprogramto honor the legacy of those frontline workers who have kept the stateeconomy runningduring thepandemicand tosupport the future success of their families.

“Our frontline workers have made tremendoussacrificesin order to serve the people of Rhode Island; now it’s our turn to give back to them,” said1199/NESEIU Union Executive Vice President Patrick Quinn in a statement. “Please help us get the word out by checking in on your fellowmembersand coworkers,and sharing this important resource with them.”

CollegeBoundSaver is a tax-advantaged savings planthat allowsRhode Islanders to affordably save forhigher education. Savings can be used at accredited colleges, universities,trade, andvocationalschools, and apprenticeship programsworldwide.

“TheOfficeof the General Treasureris proud to administerCollegeBoundSaver and help Rhode Island familieson the path to reaching their education savings goals,” said 529 Savings Program Director ChrisCivittolo. “We know there’s nothing more valuable than an education, andCollegeBoundSaver is an easy,accessiblewayto save forwhatever higher education program you decide to pursue.The Frontline Heroes Fund is our way of supporting those who supported us throughout the pandemic.”

Researchindicates that individuals with a college savings account such asCollegeBoundSaver arethree times more likely to attend college and four times more likely to graduate.

“The scholarship will help my younger sister and Icomplete our college education at the University of Rhode Island,” said Stone Freeman, son ofLt. Russell Freeman. “But more importantly, it helps remember the legacy of fallen frontline workers, like our father, as heroes.”

More information about the Frontline Heroes Fund can be found For questions, concerns or help with your application, please reach out to(401) 222-2397 or

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