Nitro Bar Co-Founders Audrey and Sam at Nitro's newest location in Newport

The Nitro Bar is opening a second storefront in Newport.

The new storefront will be located at 404 Thames Street, according to a victualing license application filed with Newport City Hall. That location was formerly a Friskie Fries.

An opening date for the new location has not yet been announced.

On Instagram on Tuesday, The Nitor Bar wrote; “SURPRISE! Shop number 3 is on its way to downtown Newport…👀 ☕️🥰 if someone were to tell Sam and I 5 years ago as we sat on our jenk-y hand built cart (sorry Dad) that we’d be onto our 3rd shop we’d NEVER believe you. We haven’t gone at it alone. We’ve gotten here through a team of believers. A team of people who aren’t afraid to walk into the fire with us. A team of ambitious, hardworking, creative, brilliant humans. Along with a team, it’s thanks to all of YOU. You believed in us then and carried us to where we are today. You all. Our team. This state. I’ve got happy tears as I write this. Gosh, what a damn trip. CHEERS TO COMMUNITY FUELED BY NITRO”.

Besides having Nitro cold brew taps in restaurants and businesses all across Rhode Island, the Nitro team also has storefronts at 2 Pond Ave in Newport and at 228 Broadway Avenue in Providence.

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This story was originally published on March 5, 2021.