March 17, 2021 – Charlie Marie has a voice that will absolutely floor you, but what really makes the Rhode Island native stand out is her ability to write songs that tweak traditional country music tropes, or simply turn them on their head completely.

Her latest single “El Paso,” which is based on an actual experience, is a perfect example. As The Boot points out, “El Paso” “chronicles a breakup that seems fairly typical as far as breakups go – until the final line of the chorus.” That is where Marie reveals that her man has left her “for a man.”

Marie goes on to clarify later in the song that “you love who you love, baby, that’s not a crime. But a cheater is a cheater, your dirty laundry’s on the line.” “El Paso” comes from Marie’s debut album Ramble On, out May 7th via Soundly Music.

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Marie released the single “Heard It Through The Red Wine” last month and received a wave of critical praise, here’s what the press have been saying:

“Weepy steel guitar isn’t all that make this cheating song scream ‘classic country.’ The title itself is right up there with clever country entries like ‘She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinkin’ Doubles)’ and ‘Sleepin’ Single in a Double Bed.’ ‘I thank God I heard it through the red wine,’ Rhode Island native Charlie Marie sings in the chorus, winking at Marvin Gaye’s unforgettable hit about loose lips while detailing the drunken truths of a lover.”Rolling Stone.

“In the great country music tradition of finding humor in heartbreak, Rhode Island-raised country singer-songwriter Charlie Marie finds the neon-glow of a silver lining in a cheating lover’s confession on ‘Heard it Through the Red Wine.’”Wide Open Country