Many cities and towns across the nation are turning to equitable development to create robust economies while protecting the needs of residents. We cannot afford to ignore one for the sake of the other. In recent decades, Newporters overcame tremendous hardships to create a vibrant, prosperous town and economy. While there is still much work to do, it is unfortunate that we devote little consideration to how projects can change our landscape and our neighborhoods. 

Smart Growth America are consultants who inform communities through technical assistance, advocacy, and thought leadership to create livable places, with healthy people and shared prosperity. Newport would be mistaken if it ignores the advice and lessons they have tried to impart to our community.

The theme of our election cycle is equity – to correct historical wrongs or mistakes, such as discrimination, pollution, racism, segregation, and gentrification. This fight is occurring across the nation, so Newport is no exception. I have walked my neighborhoods and listened to our residents who are fighting to preserve their homes, jobs, and businesses. They have earned amenities such as access to our precious waterfront, quality education, and higher paying jobs. If you want to fight for these causes, then I encourage you to read Smart Growth America’s insights and stay engaged in local issues.

Angela McCalla, Councilor

Newport City Council, First Ward