News from New York Yacht Club American Magic, Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup

American Magic Skipper and Executive Director Terry Hutchinson provided updates on American Magic at tonight’s press conference, which marked the conclusion of the Round Robins phase of the Prada Cup, the Challenger Selection Series. The full press conference replay can be found above, with excerpts below.

Following INEOS Team UK’s overall win in the Prada Cup Round Robins, New York Yacht Club American Magic will face Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the Challenger of Record, in the Prada Cup Semifinals starting on January 29 in Auckland. 

Quotes from Terry:

On the efforts of the production and shore teams this week: “I’m not surprised by the quality of the work being done in our shed. Over the last three years, our team has always exceeded expectations and they’ve always delivered our gear on time and to a standard that is very high.”

On the assistance rendered by ETNZ: “I think the thing that we are reminded of is really what the Defender has done for us, and what they’ve helped us achieve. Certainly without them, [a repair process of this speed] wouldn’t have happened. We have nothing but high thanks for Team New Zealand for what they did.”

On the current status of the AC75: “PATRIOT’s is coming back to life. They’re turning the boat on, and really the heartbeat of the boat is going again, which is really exciting.”

On the team’s schedule ahead of the January 29 start of the Prada Cup Semifinals: “They’re making really good strides. It’s still a bit early to say when we will sail next week. We look forward to getting back out on the course with Luna Rossa on Friday.”

On the performances of INEOS Team UK and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli during the Round Robins: “I mean, the number one thing that stands out about both of them is that they fight all the way through to the finish.”