General Treasurer Seth Magaziner and Secretary of state Nellie Gorbea both issued statements praising Gov. Gina Raimondo, congratulating her on her nomination by President Elect Joe Biden to be U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

President-elect Biden announces Governor Raimondo as nominee for Secretary of Commerce

Lt. Gov. Dan McKee will become governor, once Raimondo is confirmed as Commerce Secretary, for a term expiring in January 2023.

Here are the statements: 

Treasurer Magaziner: 

“I congratulate Governor Raimondo on her nomination to be U.S. Commerce Secretary. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Governor Raimondo on a number of major initiatives, including our partnership to launch a once-in-a generation statewide school construction program, expand investments in green infrastructure, and keep the state financially secure through the COVID-19 pandemic. I know her to be capable and talented, and I have full confidence that she will serve our country well in this new role. It is a source of pride for Rhode Islanders to have one of our own represented in the President’s cabinet. I look forward to continuing to work with Lt. Governor Dan McKee in service of the people of our state.” 

Secretary of State Gorbea: 

“Governor Gina Raimondo has been a trailblazing leader throughout her life. In          choosing her as his nominee for Commerce Secretary, President-elect Biden is recognizing her experience and dedication to enhancing commerce. Governor Raimondo will serve our nation well in this role.

I am particularly looking forward to her leadership of the U.S. Census Bureau, which is operated by the Commerce Department.  I know I join Rhode Islanders in wishing her well as she goes forward to the confirmation process and look forward to congratulating her again in the near future.”


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