New Young Adult Center opens as mental health needs rise. Photo provided by Newport Mental Health

A new Young Adult Center that specializes in mental health for 16-25-year-olds will be opening at 42 Valley Road in Middletown, part of an array of services that Newport Mental Health is offering to Newport County residents.

“In the past, you could not get this type of treatment, where young adults with serious mental health challenges could keep their jobs or stay in school. The center specializes in rigorous therapy and services for individuals with a higher complexity of mental health needs,” said President and CEO Jamie Lehane of Newport Mental Health in a statement. 

According to Newport Mental Health, The Young Adult Center will focus on comprehensive treatment for 16 to 25-year-olds experiencing a serious mental health disorder, such a major depression or anxiety disorders. Other services such as the Emergency Suicide Prevention program, which provides specific interventions for suicide, will be offered at the Young Adult Center, along with housing, employment and other support that young adults may need.

The free Virtual Grand Opening of Newport Mental Health’s Young Adult Center on 42 Valley Road in Middletown will be held Wednesday, December 16 from 3:30-4:15 pm. To register, visit

“We’re seeing that the sooner someone receives treatment, the sooner they will recover,” Lehane said. “Sadly, people often wait 10 years or more from the time they begin experiencing symptoms of serious adult mental illness to receiving treatment.” Lehane added that the average age of onset for serious mental illness symptoms occurs between 18-26 years old. “The Center will enable us to recognize these symptoms much earlier and provide new research-based interventions that can reduce a lifetime of pain, suffering, and disability”. 

“A center like this will be very beneficial, helping, young adults build on their interpersonal skills, relationships and gain confidence in themselves, said Vice Principal Dennis Soares of Middletown High School in a press release provided by Newport Mental Health.

As part of the Grand Opening, Deacon John or St. Barnabas, Vice Principal Dennis Soares of Middletown High School, Newport Mental Health’s Clinical Director Renee Payot (LICSW) , School-Based Therapist Marcia Tryon, along with Salve student Graysen Scherer will speak about their involvement with young adults and mental health. Chief Clinical Officer Cindy Gordon along with CEO Jamie Lehane of Newport Mental Health will host the Virtual Grand Opening and will be available to take any questions from the public. Those interested are encouraged to register and pose questions.

For more information, visit  https://www. 


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