BedJet, a leading bed climate control system manufacturer headquartered at 17 JT Connell Highway in Newport, announced this week that they have hit a record milestone this year having sold its 100,000th BedJet unit.

The milestone is significant to the company because it defies the odds set by the stars of the hit television show Shark Tank who declined to offer funding when the product was featured on the program.

Founder and Inventor Mark Aramli appeared on the show in 2015 and was told by the Sharks no one would ever want a BedJet. “You will never sell this device….it will never happen… the product is dead already,” Shark Tank‘s Kevin O’Leary said.

For those not familiar with the product, BedJet is a cooling, heating and climate control system made just for your bed where you can find your perfect sleep temperature.

Aramli, who was a former NASA space suit engineer, went on to self-fund his invention and a few years later, in a year seen as challenging for many retailers, BedJet reports that it has seen its best year of sales so far, thanks to a passionate and enthusiastic community of BedJet users worldwide who have been enjoying better and more comfortable sleep. 

“We’ve accomplished much in 2020, from the completion of our new headquarters and the sale of our 100,000th unit, to the launch of new and exciting products,” says Aramli; “I am thankful for all of the BedJet owners that have believed in us since day one. The Shark’s would have made 20 times their investment with BedJet so far and our team is incredibly grateful to have been one of the big deals that got away from the Tank.” 

This December, BedJet has launched a highly anticipated add-on to the BedJet: an aromatherapy kit designed to seamlessly integrate with the BedJet Climate System that blends the cooling warming and sweat drying features of the BedJet with the luxurious and calming benefits of essential oils such as lavender or chamomile.

The BedJet aromatherapy add-on is currently available on the BedJet website. 

For more info on BedJet, visit

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