The Audrain Group today announced the acquisition of Park Place Holdings, located at 75 Highpoint Avenue in Portsmouth, and the launch of their Audrain Motorsport subsidiary.

As an integral part of Audrain Motorsport, The Audrain Group says it has acquired Park Place Holdings, a state-of-the-art automotive storage facility that will be added to their existing Rhode Island locations in Middletown and Newport.  A purchase price/ terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The addition of Audrain Park Place increases Audrain Group’s total capacity on Aquidneck Island to over 100,000 square feet.

According to a press release from the Audrain Group, “this facility, which alone covers more than 50,000 square feet, is available for car collection storage as well as access to maintenance management and collection consulting services offered by Audrain Motorsport. Audrain Park Place also offers car show preparation; driving preparation; concours delivery and year-round tendering- with the same  level of care and expertise used in the maintenance of the Audrain Collections”.

The Audrain Group manages the Audrain Automobile Museum and the Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week, Cars & Coffee gatherings, tours and special events as well as the Audrain YouTube network and has recently released the documentary Best in Class: The Making of a Concours d’Elegance,

“In a very short time, the Audrain name has become an icon in the automotive community. That momentum will exponentially grow through this membership-based exclusive lifestyle brand with a global presence. Audrain Motorsport encompasses tours and rallies, track days, exclusive events, private consultation and activities with a strong connective print and digital experience for members based nationally and internationally” shared noted automotive authority and personality Donald Osborne, CEO of Audrain in a statement provided in a press release. He continued, “Through a widely diverse communications presence, including the quarterly Linkage magazine and, members will be in-the-know, with exclusive access to a private, informative YouTube channel, expert and member blogs and access to historical automotive archives of behind-the-scenes photos and videos.”

Audrain Motorsport promises “curated immersive automotive experiences” for all its members who are looking to take their passion to the next level, and to operate at the top of the automotive lifestyle chain. The Audrain Group says enthusiasts can join Audrain Motorsport at different levels to suit their passion, crowned by The Audrain Vanderbilt Club, named for Willie K. Vanderbilt, pioneering automobile and racing enthusiast.

Audrain Motorsport is committed to providing a range of fabulous experiences that are immersive and transformational. Audrain Group says that throughout the year, Audrain Motorsport will be organizing exciting and entertaining car-tours, both locally and nationally, as well as all-inclusive international driving experiences in Europe and further afield. Alongside the touring program will be member dinners and seminars held at a variety of locations and at the most important car events throughout the Concours and auction year.

Though most offerings and benefits are for members only, there will be options for owners who are only interested in the individual services of Audrain Motorsport, not necessarily the lifestyle experience that Audrain Motorsport can offer. One such venture has been the 2020 launch of Linkage magazine, an Audrain Motorsport glossy quarterly publication. Linkage brings the reader unforgettable experiences, opinions, and values from some of the world’s top automotive experts, influencers, educators, and true enthusiasts along with exclusive interviews – creating the ultimate source for the automotive life. Linkage has the horsepower to climb to the top of the automotive publications list. Subscriptions to the new magazine are available now via our website,

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