It’s been a year mostly devoid of magic, but a few cultural organizers are hoping that’ll change on December 27. Pitch & Prose​, a new record label and recording studio based in Rhode Island, has joined forces with the Harry Potter Alliance, Wizards in Space Literary Magazine, and Yes All Witches to announce the ​16th Annual Yule Ball​. The online concert will feature performances from at least 14 bands, including Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches), Tonks and the Aurors, The Lovegoods, Heather Rose In Clover, and—of course—perennial Yule Ball headliners Harry and the Potters.

This sprawling livestream event will represent the first time the Yule Ball has taken place in a virtual setting. Since 2005, the annual celebration of Harry Potter-themed music has been held in the Middle East (Downstairs) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In recent years, the event has expanded into somewhat of a traveling festival, with Yule Balls occurring in beloved venues like Black Cat in Washington DC and The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York. While the Yule Ball is traditionally heavy on wizard rock, this year’s ticket includes a number of bands and songwriters whose music rarely strays beyond the muggle world.

Heather Rose, longtime veteran of the Providence music scene, will be bringing her new band to the Ball. Heather Rose In Clover released their first album, ​Canyons​, in 2019, and will be teaming up with Pitch & Prose on a series of new singles this winter. “I’m so excited for wizard rock fans to hear Heather’s music,” said Matt Maggiacomo, Owner of Pitch & Prose and frontman of The Whomping Willows. “Heather and I were in our first band together, all the way back in 1995. Her new music is amazing and she’ll be a fantastic addition to the Yule Ball.”

Kimya Dawson is best-known for her lengthy catalogue of off-kilter folk music and her work with The Moldy Peaches, but she has also dabbled in wizard rock as of late. In fact, she sings as Hermione Granger on Where’s Ron?, a power ballad that appears on the most recent Harry and the Potters album, ​Lumos​. Other performers include wizard rock veterans like The Mudbloods, The Whomping Willows,Brian Ross (of Draco and the Malfoys), and Avery Marshall, YouTubers Lauren Fairweather and Gio Navas, and newer acts like Olivia Dolphin, Totally Knuts, and Ludo Bagman and the Trash.

As always, the Yule Ball is a benefit for the Harry Potter Alliance, and $5 from each ticket will go to the magical nonprofit. ​Tickets start at $15​ and can be purchased through December 27 at12pm ET. Fans can add on an additional donation to the Harry Potter Alliance, and they can also add a tip for the performers. The event will run from 4 to 9pm ET on Sunday, December 27,and will be broadcast to ticket-holders via a secret YouTube link. For more information, visit ​​ or contact Matt Maggiacomo at ​​