Today (Monday at 2 p.m.) WhatsUpNewp kicks off its authors’ series, videocasts with writers from Rhode Island, or who have a Rhode Island connection. We’ll talk with novelists, short story, and non-fiction writers, sharing in their adventures.

Our first author is Dr. Michael Fine, the former Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, who had always seen writing as a calling. He authored three non-fiction books, also writing short stories, before writing his first novel, “Abundance.” In time for the holidays, he’s now released a book of 10 short stories, “The Bull and Other Stories.”

We’ll learn from each of our authors what motivates them, why writing is so important. For Helen Keller, the pioneering advocate for the deaf and blind, she said that “when I hold a beloved book in my hand my limitations fall from me, my spirit is free.”

In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking with many local authors. Later this week, Friday morning at 10:30, we’ll visit G. Wayne Miller, the Providence Journal reporter who is the author of 19 books, the latest published last month, a novel, Blue Hill, described as “part thriller, part fantasy and farce … a novel about who and what matters most in this short life.”

If you thought writing was easy, here’s what Agatha Christie said: “To write successfully, one requires only a sharp pencil, a piece of paper, a hot cup of tea, and seven or eight naked dwarf-eunuchs licking the soles of our feet.” We’ll be interested to learn what motivates our band of authors.