opinion Newport Rhode Island

A noted architect, Newport business owner, former faculty member at the University of Rhode Island with a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, Kim has served on the City’s Planning Board and Historic District Commission for a combined 15 years. She strongly believes that the high quality of Newport’s public places enriches the lives of its residents.

One example of Kim’s continued stewardship of Newport’s character and contributions to our quality of life is the flower festooned solar-powered “parklet” that appears on Bellevue Ave. in the summer. This was Kim’s brainchild. She designed the structure, secured a grant and donated all her efforts to the City.

With all the critical challenges facing Newport (north end, new school, bridge realignment, waterfront hotel applications and the financial impact of the pandemic), this is the time for experienced leadership, a history of civic engagement and sound judgment.

Now, more than ever, Newport needs a seasoned pro such as Kim who understands and was involved in researching Newport’s North End Urban Plan, our Comprehensive Land Use Plan and numerous zoning and planning decisions.  

Vote Kim for Second Ward Council and a place on our Newport City Council.

John Hirschboeck
2nd Ward Resident

These are my personal views and not those of the Alliance for Livable Newport, which is unbiased and does not support candidates.